Booking of accommodation with the best prices!
Free and reliable service for all. Without any commission!

Free service

Simple and free registration
No commission, no hidden fees

Avoid expenses, direct deal between owner and guest

No Broker, No commission
Direct contact between host and guest BEFORE booking

Booking request or immidiate reseve

Reserving prozess simple and automaticly
Confident service, easy to use, notifications via sms

Why us?
We don't simply speak about trusting – we trust our users.
We don't take any payment for our service neither from guests, nor from owners.
We work on the principle of "Pay what you like". If you as the owner like our work, you can thank as you like.

Main advantages to guests

  • There is no commission on our website
  • Small payment in advance (up to 30%)
  • You can personally pay the rest at the day of arrival
  • Instant booking
  • Possibility of free cancellation of booking
  • Possibility of direct contact with the owner BEFORE booking

Main advantages to owners

  • Simple and free registration
  • There is no commission of the site
  • Full automation of booking process
  • The flexible rules and conditions chosen by you
  • Possibility of preliminary contact with the guest
  • Instant booking or booking request
  • All types of payment accepted
  • Notifications via sms for free
  • Possibility of a choice of guests according to your requirements

How it works for owners?

Choose booking mode that is most comfortable - Online booking, when the guest can directly book your accommodation in a single click, without waiting.
Or choose booking request - when you have 24 hours to answer the request of the guest, in turn this will have 24 hours to complete the payment of the reservation.
The guest booking to pay a% of total price (at your option from 10% to 30%) on account of ABRent.
The rest of the payment is made directly to the host upon arrival.
The day after arrival, ABRent will transfer to your bank-account the prepayment.
Our service is completely free and we do not charge for any of the two parties.
That is no charge for publishing your property or managing the service charge for guests. Your only expense as the owner would be the amount of the bank transfer, consisting of 0.9% of that amount.
If you as the owner like our work, you can thank as you like and pay by the principle «Pay what you like».

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